Laboratory membrane test unit for tubular modules (LRo04)

The LRo04 was developed as a flexible laboratory unit for carrying out test in the field of ultra- and microfiltration with tubular modules. Due to the manual operation of the unit as well as the transparent and clearly arranged unit design, the LRo04 is particularly suitable for training and practical courses. The visible permeation through the exposed tubular membrane as well as the manual adjustment of the transmembrane pressure and the overflow velocity are ideally suited to teach the basics of membrane technology in a simple, understandable and visual way.

The flexible pressure tube or module holder of the LRo04 allows the use of different tubular and hollow fibre or capillary membrane modules. In addition, the system has a backwash device with permeate backwash vessel, which is controlled and regulated via a small control system (PLC).

The equipment of the system and the flexible use of different membrane types allow experiments to be carried out over a wide field of membrane technology. All measurement and control data can optionally recorded, standardized and visualized via an external measurement value recording system (SIMA-tec measurement box). For this purpose, the system is equipped with electronic sensors. The test data is stored in a format that can be read by excel.

Field of use:

  • Performance of membrane screenings
  • Training and practical operation
  • Experiments with different membrane materials and modules
  • Experiments to determine process parameters

Further technical information can be found in the data sheet.

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