Laboratory-Phenol-Adsorption-Reactor (LPAR)

The adsorption plant (LPAR; Laboratory Phenol Adsorption Reactor) was developed and built for the EU project „Water4Crops“. In the EU project, the plant was used to recover phenols from the waste water of olive oil production by means of special adsorption resin.

In the version described here, the system has two reactors, a feed tank, two eluent tanks, two automatic sampling samplers, a backwash tank and various collection tanks. The reactors are filled with adsorption resin and fed simultaneously or separately with feed (here waste water from olive oil production). The components to be adsorbed (in this case phenol) accumulate on the resin surface until complete loading (saturation) of the resin is achieved. In a subsequent step, the adsorbed components are detached from the resin surface by means of eluent and collected in a collection tank. The two resins used can be exposed to the same or different eluents. Finally, the reactors are rinsed free with a rinsing solution and are ready for the next experiment. With the help of two automatic sampling systems, the adsorption test is sampled without gaps in order to be able to determine the time of resin breakthrough perfectly, for example. The design of the system alao enables a smooth exchange of the resin and all media (feed, eluent, rinsing solution). In this way, a wide range of adsorption tests can be carried out with various media and resins.

The system is fully automated. Various test parameters such as flow rate, quantity, time, sampling, mode of operation, etc. Can be entered or defined in the PLC. In addition, various steps are stored in the PLC, which can be combined to a certain extend to form a test sequence. This means that a wide range of experiments can be covered with this system.

Field of use:

  • Experiments on adsorption
  • Comparison of different adsorption resins and eluents
  • Determination of resin breakthrough or saturation as well as determination of regeneration or complete discharge

Further technical information can be found in the data sheet.

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