Test bench: Fluid dynamics

The test bench fluid dynamics was designed and built for student training. The unit can be used for practical courses and training to investigate flow measurement technology, pipe networks, pipe flows and the visualisation of laminar and turbulent flow.

The test bench is set up in such a way that all experiments are carried out with a pump that covers a volume flow range of 0.01 – 20 l/min. The unit has various test tracks and fittings in which experiments and investigations on pipe geometries, pipe roughness, differential pressure, pressure losses, etc. can be carried out. A wide variety of driving modes and flow conditions can be recorded using highly sensitive differential pressure and flow sensors.

The test bench is rollable and built in a flexibly adaptable stainless steel tubular frame. This design allows the system to be easily adapted to future requirements and is therefore ideally suited for research and test operations.

Field of use:

  • Measurement technology experiments: comparisons between Venturi tube and magnetic inductive sensor
  • Pipe network experiments: analogy between fluid dynamics and electrical engineering (parallel and bridge circuit)
  • Pipe flow experiments: Turbulence behaviour in pipe flow (Reynolds number determination), Hagen-Poiseulee equation (pressure loss and viscosity), pipe friction coefficients

Further technical information can be found in the data sheet.

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