Research membrane test unit (PSta30DE-PLC)

The membrane test unit type PSta30DE-PLC is a universally applicable unit for carrying out tests in the field of ultra- micro- and nanofiltration and reverse osmosis up to 30 bar. It was specially developed for research purposes in the field of cross-flow and dead-end filtration.

In the version described here, the PSta30DE-PLC has a stainless steel pressure tube to accommodate technical winding modules (here 2.5”). Its flexible design also allows the adaption of pressure tubes for ceramic and/or hollow-fibre modules. A wide variety of control modes for cross-flow and dead-end test can be set via the PLC. In addition, the system has an internal backwash with permeate. The universal equipment of the system and the arbitrary use of different membrane types enable experiments to be carried out over a wide range of industrial membrane applications.

The unit is designed as a fully automated system. All functions, process steps and measurement data are controlled, monitored and stored via a PLC. The process parameters are variable and can be individually adjusted at any time. All measurement and control data can optionally be recorded, standardised and visualised via an external data acquisition system. The test data is stored in a format that can be read by excel.

Field of use:

  • Comparison of dead-end and cross-flow experiments with different control types
  • Comparison of different membrane types and materials in technical membrane modules
  • Experiments on the cleanability of different membrane types and materials
  • Investigation of the tendency of blockage
  • Experiments to optimise process parameters of industrial applications

Further technical information can be found in the data sheet.

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