Process Analysis

“He who defines a problem has already solved half of it”

(Sir J. Huxley, Biologist and author)

Our company’s goal is continuous quality improvement with simultaneous cost reduction. In order to achieve this, it is necessary to analyze which places in the individual processes are weak spots and which hide potential. The core questions asked by SIMA-tec are:

  • How do the processes function?
  • Where are optimizations desirable?
  • What problems exist in the processes?

The answer to these questions is provided by the process analysis. It forms the starting point for the optimization of your processes. It thereby does not matter whether the considered problem is a process, maintenance, preparation or analysis problem. The process analysis we perform encompasses data acquisition and analysis, the accompanying analysis, incorporation of expert knowledge and appropriate balancing. Together with you, the identified problems and weak spots are recognized and described.

An excerpt of our service catalogue:

  • Data acquisition
  • Process testing and analysis
  • Balancing of the materials flows
  • Identification of potentials for process improvement