Chromium (VI) Rapid test (PSIMA®-Cr6+)

With the SIMA-tec chromium (VI) rapid test, hexavalent chromium in neutral and alkaline liquids can be determined easily, quickly and reliably photometrically without prior dilution steps. The reagents are provided in easy-to-use test kits. Due to a colour change (red colouring), the user can see directly on site after a short time without photometric determination whether hexavalent chromium is contained in a significant amount. An exact determination of the chromium (VI) content is then carried out photometrically. With a measuring range of 0,02 to 0,2 mg/l Cr6+ and a particularly low determination time of less than one minute, the rapid test is especially suitable for industrial applications.

Areas of application for the rapid test are waste water from metal processing, surface treatment of metals and waste water from painting and cleaning processes:

  • Control of the detoxification process of waste water containing chromium (VI) from stainless steel production:
    Within a short time, the rapid test can be used to visually check whether the chromate detoxification was successful or whether a further addition of detoxification chemicals is required.
  • Monitoring of the outlet concentrations of treated process wastewater before discharge into the sewer or receiving waters:
    Thanks to its simple, fast and reliable determination, the chromium (VI) limit value can be checked directly on site. In the event of an exceedance, measures can be taken immediately.

Further technical information can be found in the data sheet of the rapid test.

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