Nitrate-Rapid test (PSIMA®-N)

With SIMA-tec´s nitrate rapid test, high nitrate nitrogen concentrations can be determined in acidic, neutral and alkaline inorganic liquids. The reagents are provided in easy-to-use test kits. The rapid test was developed to determine nitrate nitrogen concentrations from 250 to 15.000 mg/l quickly reliably photometrically as total nitrate nitrogen without prior dilution steps. With an analysis time of less than one minute, the rapid test is particularly suitable for industrial applications.

Typical areas of application for the rapid test are process wastewaters containing nitrates, e.g. from the chemical and metal-processing industries, but also waters in wastewater treatment. A special feature is that even proportions of fluoride do not significantly interfere with the measurement result.

Further technical information can be found in the data sheet of the rapid test.

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