Pump and Valve Test Rig

The pump and valve test rig was specially designed and built for experiments to record the characteristic curves of pumps and various process valves for student training. In addition, experiments on energy saving and/or optimisation of pumping processes can be carried out.

The test rig has two centrifugal pumps that can be operated in series or parallel. For the examination of valves, the unit has four test tracks that can be equipped with different valves. All relevant measurement data such as pressure, volume flow, temperature, etc. are recorded by sensors and are available for later evaluation and visualisation.  

The test rig is built on hygienic plastic pallets with a flexibly adaptable stainless steel tubular frame. This design allows the system to be easily adapted to future requirements and is therefore ideally suited for research operations.

Field of use:

  • Experiments to record the characteristic curves of different process valves
  • Experiments to record the characteristic curves of the installed pumps
  • Experiments on energy saving or optimisation of pumping processes
  • Representation and visualisation of cavitation

Further technical information can be found in the data sheet.

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