Oxidative Drinking Water Treatment (H2O2, Ozone, UV)

The system was specially developed according to customer requirements as a pilot plant for use in a waterworks to investigate different drinking water treatment processes on different process waters. In up to 4 lines with different treatment combinations, two process waters can be investigated at the same time. Before dividing into the 4 treatment lines, a solution with impurities (micropolutant, particle-free) can additionally be added to the respective water.

Line 1 and 4 have a H2O2 and ozone dosage, line 2 has a H2O2 dosage and a UV reactor, line 3 has a H2O2 dosage. The effect of the oxidizing agent can be investigated in line 1 and 4 in a tube reactor with a dwell time of about 5-20 minutes. As post treatment, the lines 1 to 3 have a RSSCT-adsorption column (Rapid Small Scale Column Test) and line 4 has a sand filter. The accumulation waste water from the four lines are then collected in a collection tank and discharged from there via an activated carbon filter into the sewer. Numerous sampling valves in the piping, reactors and RSSCT-columns enable a complete sampling of all volume flows. The complex PLC programming with numerous safety devices (e.g. ozone ambient air monitoring) and the data logging via Service Lab enable an independent and safe continuous operation of the pilot plant.

Further technical information are given in the Data Sheet (PDF-document).

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