The oxidation unit (LUVOR-Laoratory UV and ozonization reactor) was developed and built as a flexible laboratory oxidation unit for the EU-project „Bioclean“. The basis of the Bioclean project was to make polymers biologically available through appropriate pre-treatment. The LUVOR was designed to investigate whether and how polymers can be made available for biomass by various oxidative treatment methods. In addition to the special requirements from the EU-project, other oxidative experiments such as drinking water treatment can be carried out.

With the unit, experiments with two different oxidation methods (UV and ozone) can be carried out individually and/or simultaneously. In addition to the two oxidation methods, the unit can be operated in two phases (liquid, gaseous), which enormously extends the range of experiments.

The ozone can be generated and fed into the system with the unit´s own micro-ozone cells or via an external ozone generator. As UV-source, a continuously variable UV lamp is integrated centrally into the reactor of the system. For the treatment of solids (e.g. polymers), special holders are fixed around the UV lamp in the reactor. Thus, the test objects are equally overflowed with medium (liquid/gaseous) and receive an equal dose of UV radiation and/or ozone.

Field of use:

  • Comparison of oxidation experiments in the liquid and gaseous phase
  • Experiments to combine different oxidation methods
  • Experiments on the long-term behavior of various materials in an oxidative environment
  • Experiments to optimize oxidation processes

Further technical information is given in the Data Sheet.

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