SIMA-tec® Measurement Box

The SIMA-tec® measurement box is a stand-alone system for measuring, display-ing and saving data and is independent of a PC. The data acquisition is realized by an inductive flow meter for permeate (measuring range 0,1-10 l/h), an electrical temperature sensor, two electrical pressure sensors and a thermal flow rate sensor for feed or concentrate. These sensors are directly connected to the SIMA-tec® measurement box and supplied by this device. (Plug and Play). The measured va-lues are presented numerically or as graphs on the measurement box. This offers a complete recording and monitoring of the test parameters. Data can be directly read-out with a SD card. Furthermore a remote monitoring of the entire system is possible since the measurement box is PC compatible. Once purchased, the SIMA-tec® measurement box can be used for various units of the SIMA-tec® GmbH.

Further technical informations are given in the Data Sheet (PDF-document).

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