Laboratory Membrane Test Unit up to 80 bar (LSta80-PLC)

The LSta80-SPS is a universal laboratory test unit for experiments in the field of ultra- and nanofiltration and reverse osmosis. It is a fully automated test unit with which standardized experiments up to a maximum pressure of 80 bar can be carried out fully automatically and reproducibly.

In the version described here, the unit has a stackable flat membrane test cell in which several (here 3 flat membranes with approx. 80 cm² each) commercial membrane samples can be investigated simultaneously. The test cell is modeled on a spiral-wounding module and can accommodate different spacer geometries. Other modules (such as spiral-wound modules, ceramic modules, and others) can be integrated at any time. The universal equipment of the unit and the execution in high-quality materials allow experimental procedures over the entire field of industrial membrane applications. For special applications(such as sea water or solvent resistance) the LSta80-PLC can be adapted to the needs at any time.

The unit is designed as a fully automated system. All functions, process steps and measurement data are controlled, monitored and stored via a PLC. The process parameters can be adapted to the experiments at any time. Via PLC it is optionally possible to preselect the test parameters of a complete test series. In total, up to 10 parameter variations can be set. All measurement and control data can optionally be extracted from the PLC and recorded, standardized and visualized via an external data acquisition system. The test data are stored in a format readable by excel.

Field of use:

  • Experiments with different membrane materials and flow aids
  • Membrane screening with up to 3 membranes simultaneously
  • Experiments to optimize process parameters of industrial applications
  • Diafiltration experiments
  • Cleanability experiments of membranes

Further technical information is given in the Data Sheet.

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