Laboratory Membrane Test Unit (LSta05)

The LSta05 is a laboratory membrane test unit for carrying out experiments in the field of ultrafiltration and microfiltration. It was specially developed for a research project in the dairy industry. The main focus was on the fouling behavior over the entire membrane length of a ceramic membrane.

The system can be equipped with different tube or ceramic membranes and has an adaptable mounting device for other modules. However, the special feature lies in the serial connection of up to four sections, whereby each section has a separate filtrate discharge including sampling. This allows a closer look respectively investigation of individual membrane sections, such as the membrane end piece. In addition, the unit has a backwashing device for cleaning each membrane section with permeate.

The system described her is designed on customers request as a semi-automatically controlled system. However, it can also be built as a fully automated system. The process parameters are variable and can be adjusted individually at any time. All measurement and control data can optionally be recorded, standardized and visualized via an external data acquisition system. The test data are stored in a format readably by excel.

In addition to the special requirements of the research project, the universal equipment of the unit and arbitrary use of different membrane types enable experiments over the entire range of industrial applications:

  • Experiments to analyze membrane sections
  • Investigations of fouling behavior over the entire membrane length
  • Investigation of cleanability over the entire membrane length
  • Experiments to compare different membrane materials and/or membrane geometries
  • Long-term test to investigate the membranes long-term behavior
  • Feed&Bleed experiments

Further technical information is given in the Data Sheet.

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