Two-Way Production Tubular Membrane Test Unit (LRo05)

The flexible two-way production membrane test unit LRo05-2 was build to perform quality assurance tests in the field of micro- and ultrafiltration. It is a modified advancement of an already existing production test unit for the simultaneous testing of two test modules/-membranes, in order to be able to carry out a quality control already during the membrane production.

The flexible pressure tube respectively module mounting device of the LRo05-2 allows the use of different tube and hollow fibre respectively capillary membrane modules. Due to its easy operation as well as the transparent and clearly arranged system design, the unit is also suitable for screening experiments, training courses and internships.

The system described here is designed on customers request as a manually controlled system. However, it can also be designed as a PLC controlled and/or fully-automated system. The process parameters are variable and can be adjusted individually at any time. All measurement and control data can optionally be recorded, standardized and visualized via an external data acquisition system. The test data are stored in a format readably by excel.


Field of use:

  • Quality control in the production process with two tube module connected in parallel
  • Experiments with different membrane types, membrane materials and membrane geometries
  • Experiments with two different tube modules
  • Performance of membrane screening, training and internships
  • Experiments to determine process parameters


Further technical information are given in the Data Sheet (PDF-document).

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