Solvent Dosing Unit

The solvent dosing unit was specially designed on customer request to simplify complex dosing processes in the laboratory. Using up to 32 microdosing systems, various solvents can be dosed into sample vials that are positioned in a rack. Before the dosing process, the amount and type of solvent to be dosed for each sample can be set individually. The solvent delivery occurs simultaneously. A subsequent manual solvent delivery is possible at any time. In addition, a simple calibration function allows the user an uncomplicated conversion to the volume-related delivery of individually composed solvent mixtures. An integrated discharging and rinsing function for the solvents makes the system particularly user-friendly.

The solvent dosing unit is designed, that it can easily be installed and operated in a fume cupboard. To increase safety, it comes with a mobile control unit which allows dosing even in a closed fume cupboard.

Further technical information are given in the Data Sheet (PDF-document).

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