Membrane Adsorption Chromatography (MAC)

The MAC test unit was developed and built on customer request to carry out fractionation experiments on whey proteins from native whey. The separation method is based on ion exchange chromatography with porous membranes as a carrier matrix. Functional groups bound on the surface of the membrane and in the pore surface are used for the selective adsorption and desorption of the target proteins.

The unit has two MAC modules that can be impinged individually or simultaneously with whey proteins and thus loaded. The adsorbed proteins are desorbed after complete loading with specific eluents and fractionated in up to eight elution tanks. Using various cross-pipes, a wide variety of experimental conditions can be displayed. In addition to various buffer and storage tanks, the unit also has a CIP feature, which allows a cleaning of the system at any time. The process steps required for adsorption and desorption are controlled and monitored via a PLC. The process parameters are variable and can be adapted individually at any time. All measurement and control data can optionally be extracted from the PLC and recorded, standardized and visualized via an external data acquisition system. The test data are stored in a format readable by excel.

Field of use:

  • Experiments to fractionate whey proteins from native whey
  • Experiments to selectively separate proteins from whey or other aqueous solutions
  • Optimization of process parameters for fractionation and selective separation
  • Piloting trials for industrial plants

Further technical information is given in the Data Sheet.

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