CUBE05-VA Hollow fibre

The CUBE05-VA Hollow fibre is designed for experiments in the field of ultrafiltration and microfiltration up to 5 bar. With its stainless steel storage tank and fittings, the CUBE is resistant to a wide variety of fluids and allows a wider application spectrum. Due to its easy handling, the CUBE05-VA Hollow fibre is well suited for company training or university internships on membrane technology. Also your customers will be impressed, if you have a test unit at any time in the trunk. The monitoring options for pressure and volume flow are realized userfriendly with local pressure gauge and rotameter. In combination with the SIMA-tec® Measurement-Box, all important test data can be recorded, standardized and visualized. The test data are stored in a format readable by excel.

Further technical information are given in the Data Sheet (PDF-document).

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